“Be fearlessly authentic” by Georgia Love

Be fearlessly authentic.

I want it real. I don’t want any catty manipulations. I want truth and reality and authenticity in everything I do. I want to laugh as loud as I can and never be ashamed or embarrassed. I will walk as fast as I want, show the brains I’ve got, and be the strong woman that I am. Thick books, long runs, deep discussion, I think yes. I am me and you are you, and I will celebrate your strengths and defend your weaknesses. Lord, you have made me myself and I will not trade it for a false impression of what I think I want. My legs are strong, and you have allowed them to carry me for a long while. In joy, in sorrow, in dancing and in falling, they are my legs. I have felt the pain, the suffocation and the despair. A pit of black, oozing a cacophony of voices that drip poison. “You are worthless,” they say, “come here, kneel down, and sleep. There’s no point in walking on in the shadows. Kneel here and sit in your tears.” They beckon with hands of smoke, hearts dropping in their wake. But you didn’t let me near those empty eyes. Smoke curled around my throat, but it couldn’t make a scratch on your chosen. You took me out even when I didn’t know it. Grudging willingness turned too quickly to kicking and screaming and then outright denial. But you carried me out. You made me strong in ways I didn’t know I was weak. You broke me and reassembled a masterpiece that I can take no credit for. Be fearlessly authentic. Why would I want anything else? You have made and are making me strong, unique, your own. Make me your own, my king, whether I want it or not. Be fearlessly authentic. I will try the rest of my life, and with your guidance, I will be authentically different everyday. Fearless authenticity. Yes.


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