Unanswered Questions by Christian Walsh

Laying here in my bed, just tossing and turning. There’s a hole in my heart, I’m feeling empty, feeling a yearning. 
For something more in this world, God, I need some answers. How could you allow so much evil, from rapists to cancer? 
I need a rock to cling to, a firm foundation. I need you Lord, please save me from condemnation. 
I know I’m only a young man, but I feel like I’m dying. I need your grace, oh God, to you, my heart is crying.
I’m down on my knees, begging for your kindness and mercy. Save me from my self, Lord, temptation is trying to curse me. 
I know I can’t do this my self, I’m finally stepping down. Be the King of my life, only You deserve the crown. 
I know I deserve to die, but instead, you gave me grace. You sent Your Son, and watched the blood drip down His perfect face. 
Because of the sacrifice of the Perfect Lamb, I’m able to walk the streets a free and fulfilled man. 
Free from sin, and free from the pits of Hell. Every day I’ll live for the You, the one true God, Emanuel. 


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