I Sit Here in Silence by Christian Walsh

We sit here in silence… 
A quiet wasteland of soft, powdered snow with no end in sight. 

But in the silence, you realize that you’ve somehow been missing a beautiful symphony of sounds all around you. 

The soft cooing of a dove, the rustling of massive elm trees that surround and dwarf all life in sight, the faint, distant yell of a hawk searching for prey.

What has caused us to become deaf to the transfixing orchestra that our Father is conducting all around?

Is it our cell phones that we nervously wait to hear a ring from, so that we can prove to ourselves that someone else cares? 

Possibly the music that we use to drown out the hateful comments of those we pretend are our peers, just to avoid crippling loneliness?

Or could it be the voices that scream into our ears that we are not complete without some finite, pointless object they have to sell us? 

This can’t continue… 

I can’t live in a world where temporal distractions suffocate the voice of God. 

Call out to me, Father. I desperately need to hear you. 

I was created and sent on a divine mission to change the world, not my Facebook status. 

My worth is in You, not in the amount of Instagram likes I get from “followers” who wouldn’t know me if I was standing right in front of them.

I only want to hear You.

Shut my ears to the commercialized, materialistic society that I was born into.

Thank you, Lord… Thank you. 

Once again, I sit here in silence…


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