Hell Created an Angel

          She walks with a cool confidence, but underneath the surface, the pain of past transgressions fester. A sweet little girl taken advantage of, innocence stripped without any chance of repair.

The years go by, and as the other students live their lives, she is stuck with the thoughts of her past. Is she different now? Ruined? Broken? Tainted? Did he take away her very soul through this brutish, evil act? This question grips her mind and soul.

Nobody can see the civil war that rages behind her eyes, the shattered windows to her subconscious. As the years pass, the pain only grows. Scared, self-conscious people fear what they don’t understand, and why not pick her to be the outcast?  As long as it’s not them, who cares if someone else gets hurt?

An internal skirmish of carnage rages on between the perfect, loved daughter of God she truly is, and the shell of a woman she thinks is left behind. This beautiful work of art grows through every scar she earns.

Every blow to her confidence is refining her and making her stronger. If only she knew how the Lord was using her to touch the lives of others. An eternal plan, set in place before the foundation of time itself, is slowly unfolding right before her eyes.

She is loved. She is flawless in His eyes.

Somehow a walk through Hell created an angel.


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